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Cattle Haulers Phone List

Cattle Hauler Contacts (click to open link)
The Medicine Hat Feeding Co. does not recommend the use of any particular cattle hauler. We are merely supplying a list of haulers that have requested to be put on our site.   Also, it is up to the cattle producer to inquire…

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Your Cattle's Future Looks Bright with Crystalyx

Patented CRYSALYX* Brand Supplements, such as BREED-UP 28, have helped millions of pregnant cows delivers heavier, healthier calves.  Plus CRYSTALYX* Supplements help your cows produce more milk to get those calves off to quick start. 

With added benefits of faster rebreeding and heavier weaning weights you and your cows will have…

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Is Beet Pulp Toxic To Horses - The Real Story

By Lorrie Bracaloni As a holistic practitioner for more than 12 years, I have assisted more than 100 horse owners with equine diets and nutrition. I have studied and gained quite a bit of experience with equine veterinarian, Dr. Lee Miller, for fifteen years. It is my…

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Make Every De-worming Treatment Count

It's that time of the year that horse owners look for a dewormer for either their first or second treatment. Most horse owners will start their spring with a treatment using an Ivomec product of some type, and practise a rotation from there on for their remaining treatments. Attached is…

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Vaccination of Your Beef Herd

I came across this article written by Dr. Steve Hendrick from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon. Dr Hendrick does and excellent job in explaining the importance of a vaccination program in your beef herd. Enjoy the article!! Vaccination of Your Beef Herd- Your Animal Health…

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Grass Tetany in the Spring

Grass Tetany also known as “Grass Staggers” normally occurs in the spring and is associated with the grazing of cool season grasses that are actively growing with cool outside temperatures. Grass Tetany is a nutritional disorder that is characterized by low blood magnesium levels.
Low blood magnesium levels can…

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Horse Worming Program

Today most horse owners have a deworming plan that they follow. There are an increasing number of wormers on the market which has complicated the purchase decision for most producers. For optimal impact, you need to use the right dewormers, at the correct dose at the right…

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Re-discover Growth Promotants

One of the most effective strategies in beef cattle production is the use of growth implants in suckling calves, young growing cattle whether in a lot or on grass, and finishing cattle destined for slaughter. There are two types of growth implants that are available to cattle producers. Both types…

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Importance of Colostrum at Calving

Colostrum is a mix of secretions and constituents of blood serum such as immunoglobulin’s and other serum proteins that accumulate in the mammary gland during the dry period and are collected in the milk at calving. One of the most important factors related to calf health and survival at birth…

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