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The Auction Market
The Medicine Hat Feeding Company was started in 1952 and has focused on serving Southeast Alberta and Southwest Saskatchewan. The Medicine Hat Feeding Company is privately owned and specializes in Presort Sales on feeder cattle. Where possible the market will sort one owner packages and feature them in the sale. The market also allows a producer to sort their own package at home and be sold as a "Farm Sorted Package". All other cattle will be sorted into similar packages based on quality and weight to provide an attractive offering to the buyer.
A Presort sale allows producers to reduce the cost of shrink on their feeder cattle sold as the cattle are weighed off-truck with a determined shrink level based on distance trucked, as opposed to an overnight stand with an unknown shrink value. In addition, cattle producers with less numbers can take advantage of large package sales with similar cattle.
Presort Sales are also an advantage to buyers as they are able to purchase large drafts of cattle in a short period. They are purchasing cattle that have been on feed and water with reduced shrink levels. Cattle are handled quietly to reduce shrink and the market has the capacity to handle large volumes of cattle on feed and water.
Additional Information:
  • Presort cattle must be in the yard prior to 6:00pm the day before the sale
  • To qualify for graduated shrink for presort sales mileage must be recorded on the manifest
  • Sale calendar is subject to change, please contact our office to verify dates

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